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Early Christmas Greetings from former Iron Savior member…

Great news of the charity project “Stars For Charity”: we almost got 3000€ for the charity project!!!

Iron Savior auctions have not been as “strong” as expected so far but now it’s time to change it:

Really rare stuff is up for auction: Signed older Iron Savior releases signed by Kai Hansen and Jan S. Eckert as well who sends out early Christmas Greetings to you:

Check out the last Iron Savior auctions:
  • Unification (CD), signed
  • Unification (Ltd. Edt. Longbox), signed
  • Coming Home (Single-CD), signed
  • Dark Assault (CD), signed
  • Condition Red (Ltd. Edt. Box), signed
  • Battering Ram (CD), signed
  • Megatropolis (Ltd. Digi), signed

Thanks for support and help making it real for the kids!!!

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