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Message to Japaneese Fans

Message to Japaneese Fans

Dear Fans, friends and supporters of Iron Savior,

I am writing you today, because we need your help. Our new album, The Landing, will be released soon in Japan. We think, that this album probably is the best we ever have released so far. It would be a dream for all in the band, to come to Japan and perform our new material live for our Japaneese friends and fans. But this will only happen, if we sell enough albums, so that Japaneese promoters will become interested in Iron Savior. We would play without any fee, but our travel expenses must be covered. Those costs are quite high, so a promoter will not book Iron Savior, if the album sales are not high enough. I personally feel very connected to Japan and I would be extremely honored, if some Iron Savior shows in Japan somehow would become true. Unfortunatly we do not speak japaneese, so we need you to speak to the Japaneese people. How can you help? Well, first of all you could simply buy the album. But you could also help promoting it by posting as much personal comments on Japanese metal and discussion boards as possible and spread the word about “The Landing”. Simply the more people get to know about Iron Savior and buy the album, the more likely it becomes, that we could play for all of you live in Japan. This would mean a lot to us!

Thank you in advance for your great support!

All the best,

Piet, Jan, Thomas and Piesel
\m/ Heavy Metal Never Dies \m/


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  1. enginered says
    27. June 2012, 11:51

    Dear Iron Savior band, you are my utmost favourite band in this universe and since I am also a fan living in Japan I want you to know that I will do my best in promoting you. I already bought “The Landing” (Japanese edition) and let me tell you I was not disappointed! Everything was properly translated!
    I would also like to contact you about a more personal matter. I am an artist (I draw comic books/ Manga) and I am going to release a book next year. I cannot begin to explain how Iron Savior inspired me to develop my project, but I would like to thank you by promoting you in my book (and story) and show Japan how great of a band you are. Who should I contact to further explain this?
    Keep being awesome! Heavy Metal never dies!

  2. flashback says
    8. June 2012, 01:02

    Hail to all Japaneese fans out there ! Please listen to Maverick ‘ Natural Born Steel ‘ and you will see how much Piet and Iron Savior like Japan , tremendous album with the help of Piet Sielck and the ‘ Hamburg choir ‘… a lot of great people ! You must buy this album !

  3. 18. April 2012, 13:47

    I really really hope that IRON SAVIOR will come to play in Japan too. All Japanese fans must see and feel their shows, cuz they’re awesome!!!

  4. nozi says
    6. April 2012, 16:42


    Thank you message to the fans in Japan!
    Thank you for your always great music.
    I want to watch the “the landing” tour.

    Please give the Japanese fans cheer.
    Please come to Japan.

    • 18. April 2012, 14:54

      I really really hope that IRON SAVIOR will come to play in Japan too. All Japanese fans must see and feel their shows, cuz they’re awesome!!!
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