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Rockova Festival cancelled

Rockova Festival cancelled

Obviously the Gods Of Metal have been with us in canceling our gig at Rockova Festival in Ostrava. After having asked several times for the contractual advance payment and to book the flights, only getting one lame excuse after an other (or simply no answer at all), we decided to cancel this gig. Now the fest is called off completely, because obviously nobody got ever paid at all… I’m glad that we got out of this game of poker for selling enough tickets to pay the bands. We are very sorry for all our fans and hope to make it finally to Czech at some other time under a better star. Thank you anyways for your understanding and support!
\m/ Piet & the Boys

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  1. Harald says
    13. August 2014, 21:51

    Thanks for the statement of you and the band! Good to have infos about it as so far we only showed the show as cancelled in tour dates! 😉

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