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Ice Rock Festival & Songwriting

Ice Rock Festival & Songwriting

Iron Savior is in songwriting mode for the upcoming release:
Piet writes on facebook: “So far we have a speed crusher, a bone breaking uptempo in “I’ve Been To Hell” speed, a waltz from hell, a killer rocker and a more progressive medium speed monster. The aim is 10-11 Iron Savior quality songs… Fortunately there is a lot of ideas though it’s not easy to channelize them all into the right form. If the God of songwriting does not fail me, 1st quarter of 2016, at least second.

Meanwhile they are getting prepared and are rehearsing for their first festival appearance 2016 at the “Ice Rock Festival” on 09th January in Switzerland where they will play amongst bands like Jorn, Victory and many other great bands. So hopefully see you there!


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  1. MariaEvri says
    10. January 2016, 17:55

    awesome news. Can’t wait!

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