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Upcoming Release “Titancraft”

Upcoming Release “Titancraft”

AFM Records just announced the following cool news about the next Iron Savior Release and revealed the setlist:

German power metal force IRON SAVIOR has completed work on their upcoming new album, titled “Titancraft”, which will be released on May 20th! It will be available as CD, Digipak, ltd. clear Vinyl & ltd. box set.

The cover artwork was once again created by Felipe Machado Franco.


1. Under Siege (Intro)
2. Titancraft
3. Way Of The Blade
4. Seize The Day
5. Gunsmoke
6. Beyond The Horizon
7. The Sun Won’t Rise In Hell
8. Strike Down The Tyranny
9. Brother In Arms
10. R&R Addiction (Ldt. Edition Bonus Track)
11. I Surrender
12. Rebellious
13. Protector 2016 (Ltd. Edition Bonus Track)


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  1. ClΓ©ment says
    14. March 2016, 13:46

    Hi ! Very good news for the new album. The artwork is quite impressive and I can’t wait for it. πŸ™‚

    I just would like to know if you believe you will do a tour date in France (Paris), cause I’ve seen on your achives you haven’t gone there since the first album “Iron Savior” in 1998. Cause I only discovered the band between the release of “Megatropolis” and “The Landing” and I’ve never seen you live.

    France is not that far of Germany, though. And a lot of us go to see live Helloween, Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian. So why not Iron Savior ? πŸ™‚

    Big suprise for me with the re-mastering of “Protector”. Until now, you were only re-mastering old singles. (“Coming Home” for “Unification” and “I’ve Been to Hell” for “Dark Assault”.) So I was sure it would be “Titans Of Our Time”. (and It would have been funny with the title of the album… “Titancraft” πŸ˜‰

    • vvulture says
      9. April 2016, 01:11

      At least you can drive to Germany and see them… lol

      Here is Australia we have no chance at all…. πŸ™

  2. Erik says
    9. March 2016, 02:15

    This is really good news, I would love some information about vinyl preorders and how to order from the US. We love you guys over here!

    • Harald says
      10. March 2016, 15:01

      Hello Erik,

      thanks for your interest and post!

      Of course all different versions will be available at the official Iron Savior Webshop, maybe in co-operation with AFM and the band some specials as well!

      I will give my best to bring it up including pre-orders and hope to get the needed infos from the label early enough!

      Thanks for your support and rock on!

  3. MariaEvri says
    8. March 2016, 07:56

    will you have preodrers available?

    • Harald says
      8. March 2016, 16:52

      Hello Maria, I can do that! Thanks for your interest! I will then have to get the infos from AFM about the types of releases early enough! πŸ˜‰

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