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Relief in engineering! Patrick Klose replaces Thomas Nack.

Relief in engineering! Patrick Klose replaces Thomas Nack.

Even though Thomas has been using his time-out wisely, he also realized that he won’t return to the Iron Savior drums. Of course Jan, Piesel and me accept his decision even though we are awfully sorry about the loss. Thomas has been on board for such a long time and has been and will be a very close friend. But in the end we are glad that Thomas is happy and found his way for the future. With Patrick we have had an excellent substitute in the past few months already, so it has been a natural thing to make him a permanent member now. Patrick grew into the band more and more and by now is our first choice. Being an excellent metal drummer anyways he fits the style and the chemistry of Iron Savior just perfect.
Patrick, welcome aboard!

Here’s what Patrick posted on his Facebook page:
“It’s official: I am the new drummer of IRON SAVIOR!
All gigs since september were amazing, but this is absolutely overwhelming. I am grateful and wanna thank my bandmates for this opportunity! I also wanna thank Sören Teckenburg for some help here and there. Can’t wait for whats to come 🙂 I also wanna thank Thomas for his drumming, from which I learned much on the third and fourth album. A few minutes ago I was rehearsing for the next gig tomorrow at the Kubana in Siegburg 🙂 HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES!!”

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