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Stars for Charity: “Yes We Can 2”: Iron Savior supports youthgroup

Stars for Charity: “Yes We Can 2” Iron Savior & Co. support the “RVL-Youth”   Today comes a little bit different and maybe surprising update; although Piet and the other bandmembers are very busy right now, Iron Savior took/will take the time to join the following pr... Read On

Last of three releases, IS Webshop:

Finally it’s online and running with a special opening offer until the end of 2008: Condition Red (Jewel Case) CD for 7.00 € only! A lot of work with this shop in the past! I had already started with this shop in October 2007. First of all I had to get used to OS Commerce software and the seco... Read On

Ultimate “Megatropolis Design” for the Iron Savior Webpage

Hello! Finally we are back… after a quite long time without any updates on the page and the page being offline we are finally back in a totally new layout! The new Iron Savior Universe 2008: Be sure to check the new forum as well and leave a message there, to get it going again! Feel free to t... Read On

Drums for “Megatropolis” tracked

Heyho! The follow-up to “Battering Ram” is shaping up: The drums for “Megatropolis” are tracked. Drummer Thomas Nack finished his duties in the studio with Piet Sielck early this week. Watch out for more infos and an exclusive studio report on this page! DOCKYARD1 & Haral... Read On

Info On Former Official Iron Savior Webpage: www.iron-savior.de:

Hi Everybody! Our official homepage has moved from www.iron-savior.de to www.iron-savior.com. Besides that our new album Battering Ram is out in the stores… so go get it! Hallo Leute! Unsere offizielle homepage findet ihr jetzt unter www.iron-savior.com. Also nix .de mehr… Ansonsten steh... Read On

Cleaning Of Guestbook:

The monthly cleaning of the guestbook has been done. Read On

Iron Savior Guestbook and Sound Samples @ Noise Records:

Piet is hosting the Iron Savior guestbook at Noise Records. He will be answering questions there every couple of days until November 28th. Check it out here. Also if you don’t think that there are enough sound samples here Noise also has some at their sound samples page. Read On

Changes To The Look Of The Page:

Major changes made in the look of the page. Feel free to send me constructive comments. Read On

5 More Sound Samples:

Added five more sound samples. Enjoy! Read On

Sound Samples:

I wasn’t successful in getting the sound samples to work in mpeg3 format under Windows so I have switched them to RealAudio format. The quality isn’t as good but the files are smaller and work under all systems I tried. Have fun. Read On

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