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Front Page Modified:

The front page had been spiced up a bit. Read On

Old Guestbook Entries Are Finished:

The guestbook archive section is done. Now I bet that that makes you excited doesn’t it? Have fun! And as always if you see any broken links please E-mail webmaster@iron-savior.com. Read On

Old Guestbook Entries Are Archived:

Started adding old guestbook entries to guestbook archive section. Added update page (obviously!). Read On

Homepage Transformation:

As you can hopefully see, the Iron Savior homepage is undergoing a much needed transformation. Just as the band has been busy so has the poor web master of this site. Piet and I made the decision that we should update little by little and not shock people with an abrupt change. So with this in mind ... Read On

Happy Valentine’s Day & Tourdates Info:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there! Yet again we have more changes in the tour schedule. It seems that there won’t be any dates in Spain after all, but some have been added in Austria. Read On

Small Tourdates Update:

Just one small change to the tour schedule. Also the opening band for the whole tour will be Edguy. Of course there will also be various local opening acts as detailed in the opening band contest rules. I haven’t gotten any word from Piet lately since he is secluded up in Denmark helping with ... Read On

Tourdates Update:

More slight changes in the tour dates because of the conflict with Judas Priest dates. Please look at the dates again here. Also Piet mentioned to me that Iron Savior might be doing a show in Stockholm, Sweden in early May! Be sure not to miss this show because it will not be just Iron Savior but Ga... Read On

Tour Date Changes:

There have been some slight changes in the tour dates so please look at them again here. Read On

Iron Savior Mailing List:

So the Iron Savior mailing list is now working. To subscribe to it check out the mailing list page. Read On

Piet Working For Blind Guardian:

Okay someone was begging for more news, so here is some. Piet is down in Krefeld, Germany working with Andre Olbrich from Blind Guardian. They are working on the guitar parts for the new BG CD that will be out in April. I have heard some of the stuff and it kicks ass! Read On

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