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The Landing (2011)


01. Descending
02. The Savior
03. Starlight
04. March Of Doom
05. Heavy Metal Never Dies
06. Moment In Time
07. Hall Of The Heroes
08. R. U. Ready
09. Faster Than All
10. Before The Pain
11. No Guts No Glory
12. Coming Home 2011 (Bonus Track)
13. Atlantis Falling (Bonus Track)

12. Underneath The Radar (Bonus Track)

Line-up from left to right:

Joachim “Piesel” Küstner,
Jan S. Eckert,
Piet Sielck,
Thomas Nack

Click to see the lyrics

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  1. 14. February 2012, 04:56

    Still wanna buy digi in official IS-Shop 🙂 Japanese version already bought.

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