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Iron Savior storyline.

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    Hey guys, I saw a thread which had the link to the Iron Savior storyline, but unfortunately the link is broken.

    Could someone provide a fresh link, or perhaps upload the storyline if you already have it?



    Wong Chung Bang

    The complete rewritten story by Piet is here: (it doesn’t seem quite as obvious from the main site as it could be…)

    There’s also a text file that I typed up years ago, with the complete story from the first five albums – https://www.angelfire.com/retro/aurorasoft/WCBpersonal/IronSaviorPlot.txt



    So, do Battering Ram and Megatropolis continue the story?



    They did, sort of – though the storyline has become a lot more subtle now, without the expanding plot actually being written out at the start of each album.

    (I haven’t even got around to getting Megatropolis yet, so I can’t check!)



    Here’s the new link of the Iron Savior Story!




    So, do Battering Ram and Megatropolis continue the story?

    I personally can’t see any continuation in the story, which is a shame because it’s one thing to do a concept album, but to do a whole concept discography would be amazing.



    Actually there is continuity there, if you read near the end of the storyline, the songs machine world and cybernetic queen are about a planet of machines discovered by the explorer ship ‘Thunderbird’ while using a prototype folding/warping/FTL drive.

    Cyber Hero was kind of tongue in cheek about this as well, the songs ‘Thunderbird’ obviously are about the ship itself, and No Heroes is about the crew’s defeat over the would-be captors from the machine world.

    Stand against the king is in relation to either the defiance of the crew against common knowledge not to build technology for fear of the machine men or something the crew stirred up by their very presence in the locals.

    Finally it ends off on a note ‘Farewell and Goodbye’ which the Savior itself is outfitted with the prototype engines in order to try to talk some sense into the Machine World as there seems to be a similar AI construct there that was programmed to fight wars for it’s former masters until the end of time.

    All it takes is reading and interpretation really, the continuity is there, you just need to connect the dots.



    Well looks like I’m am idiot. I can see the continuation now, though I don’t think it is as clear as in the earlier albums like dark assault and unification.

    Thanks anyway, that was a very speedy answer. 😀



    Sooo… the story… any word on if it’s ever gonna get an update for The Landing and Rise of the Hero?

    Will it even exist on the site anymore?



    Agreed. Wanna see an update as well

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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